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Trento, Piazza Venezia 41 - TechPeaks HQ

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After 2 years since its first edition, Startup Weekend is back to Trento!

The Event will be completely held in English, with the participation of TechPeaks 2014 class, international entrepreneurs, developers, designers and startup passionates!


  • Up to $20,000 total credit for Google App Engine or other Google Cloud Platform products
  • 12 month of free admission (service fee and working space) at TIS Business Incubator Bolzano, including the 360° service-package
  • Access to the TechPeaks coworking space for one month

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011.

The non-profit organization is headquartered in Seattle, Washington but Startup Weekend organizers and facilitators can be found in over 200 cities around the world.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback.




Mar 28
  • Registration Starts
  • Welcome!
  • Motivational talk by Vittorino FIlippas
  • Pitches Start. 60 seconds to present your idea!
  • Vote for the top ideas!
  • Dinner & Networking
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Start working!
  • Venue closes


Mar 29
  • Good morning!
  • Coaches arrive... they are here to help!
  • Lunch & Talk by Adriano Gasparri
  • Work on your idea!
  • Dinner & Talk by Enrico Pandian
  • Finished for the day, but you can stay and work late
  • Venue closes


Mar 30
  • Good morning!
  • Coaches arrive… don't be shy and ask questions!
  • Lunch & Talk by Michele Novelli
  • Deadline for handing in Presentations, arrival of Jury
  • Final Presentations (5mins + Q&A)
  • Feedback from Jury and Prizes
  • Goodbye!
Platinum Sponsors

Vittorino Filippas

Advisor and University Lecturer   |   LinkedIn

Senior Advisor in several SMEs (Nidek Technologies, Fidia Fauraceutici, EyeLink, Passaggio Obbligato, Trento Rise) in the fields of innovation, performance acceleration and internationalization.
Start-Up coach both in socially oriented and for-profit initiatives.
Lecturer of six interdepartimental Courses in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Busienss Processes at the University of Trento.
Certified Trainer of Confindustria Venice and Padova and Confartigianato Trento.
TEDx speaker (see

Michele Novelli

Partner at Digital Magics   |   LinkedIn

Michele Novelli has more than 20 years experience in startups and venture capital, with focus on mobile and bradband communication. He worked from 1995 to the startup of Omnitel-Vodafone as Financial Controller. In 2000 he was Head of International Expansion at Fastweb. From 2002 to 2010 Novelli was Marketing and Sales Director of HanseNet Telekommunikation Gmbh where he was Member of Management and Supervisory Board.
In 2011 Novelli was founder and Managing Partner of Earlybird Italia, venture capital fund leader in Europe. In October 2013 joins Digital Magics as a Partner.

Adriano Gasparri

Startup Mentor Consultant   |   LinkedIn

For several years he has been working with the concept of Agile Marketing in the strategy (training and consultancy) department, concretely helping entrepreneurs to realize their dreams to develop a new product/service that discovers an unvoiced need of an unexplored niche of consumers or in some cases to re-start a company that no longer has a sustainable business model. He is a “business & learning process facilitator“ where his main goal is to link the operational projects with the strategic objectives. What makes his work unique is the method, new business tools used and a deep understanding of the Startup industry.

Enrico Pandian

Founder PrezziPazzi & Bootstrapping expe   |   LinkedIn

Enrico started his entrepreneurial career in 1999 with, then in 2001 he founded and in 2010 he founded PrezziPazzi.
Over the past few years he begun to invest in talents and startups.

Gold Sponsors

Franco Roman

Partner at H-Farm Ventures   |   LinkedIn

Partner at H-Farm, a leading Italian Venture Incubator.
He follows Internet startups from the seed stage to the exit, providing advice and mentoring on business models, market strategies, sales channels and partnerships.
He was earlier Marketing Director and Board Member of Sun Microsystems, where he held several management position in marketing and sales, at the national and international levels. He has been responsible for the launch of the Java technology in Italy and the creation of the Java Developers Community, the largest and most innovative Internet technology community. In 2008 he was part of the international team responsible for the launch of Sun’s Cloud Computing.

Manuela Frasnelli

Advisor at Business Incubator - TIS innovation park   |   LinkedIn

Manuela works with innovative start-ups providing support in the development of their business ideas, in market and competitive analysis, marketing strategies, creating networks.
Specialties: business planning and development, organizational and strategic consultancy

Andrea Bolner

IBAN and partner at Industrio Ventures   |   LinkedIn

Italian Business Angel Investor IBAN – Trentino and partner at Industrio Ventures funded by a group of Italian and International entrepreneurs and organizations that want to support a new model of innovation about Manufacturing, Technology and Hardware products.
Founder of Concilium Consulting that offers consulting specific for private and public companies regarding: enterprise reorganization, opening of new markets, marketing and communication strategy, creation of enterprises network, enterprise’s internalization.
Director of Trento Headquarters European Representative Office of Durango State – Mexico

Elena Andreolli

Project manager at Trentino Sviluppo   |   LinkedIn

Elena Andreolli is a management engineer skilled in innovation management thanks to studies and research activity in Bocconi University and Sussex University (SPRU).

After a consultancy experience in intellectual property and innovation strategies, Elena now works in Trentino Sviluppo, the development agency of the autonomous Province of Trento. In Trentino Sviluppo Elena is project manager for new business services and manager of the technology transfer activity related to Trentino research system.

Outside the profession Elena likes sports, yoga and singing.

Michele Curti

Business Angel at BAN Trentino association   |   LinkedIn

Business Angel, founder member and IT advisor for BAN Trentino association (IBAN network). Senior ICT manager with more than 7 years of experience in ICT Service Management and IT Project Management in multinational environments. Independent IT consultant/trainer for Business Analysis, Business Process Reengineering and technology delivery.

Piera Morlacchi

Associate Professor at University of Sussex, UK   |   LinkedIn

Piera Morlacchi is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the School of Management, Business and Economics of the University of Sussex in the UK, where she has a joint affiliation to the Department of Business and Management (BAM) and Science and Technology Policy Research (SPRU). She has held visiting positions at other international
leading institutions such as Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Southern Denmark and University of Trento. She has received a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Politecnico di Milano, and a PhD in Business Administration and Management from University of Bath.
Piera is an expert in the development and commercialization of technological innovation, technology entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial education. She is actively engaged in mentoring and advising start-ups as well as other organizations in the practical application of innovation and entrepreneurship. She has a special interest in working with multiple stakeholders in designing and evaluating policies and programs that drive the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Piera has done extensive work on organisation, innovation and entrepreneurship in health technologies and healthcare systems in both developed and developing countries with a focus on medical devices and biomedical ventures.

Vittorio Mauri

Country Manager Italy at U-Start   |   LinkedIn

Vittorio is Country Manager Italy at U-Start, a global boutique advisory firm offering services targeted at facilitating the matching and the cross-border investment in seed and early stage companies. At U-Start, Vittorio helps investors in expanding their investment portfolios and supports companies in fundraising to scale their business internationally.
Vittorio has a Bachelor in Economics and Management at Bocconi and a Master in International Management at ESADE Business School. His past experiences range from management consulting in a global consulting firm to business development in a German incubator.

Contributing Sponsors

Lorenzo Cassulo

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Organizational, Budgeting, Strategies, Lean methodology, Web analytics

Lorenzo is Regional Manager at XPeppers, an agile software factory located in Trento and Milan. Lorenzo graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna and he holds a master degree in Multimedia Communication and Technology from the University of Turin.
He is in love with innovation and old-fashioned video games.

Raimondo Bruschi

Coach   |   LinkedIn

Can Help you with: Strategy

Vanta esperienza professionale nel settore Informatico dal 1981 fin alla quotazione in borsa nel 1996 per passare ad operare in rete come Hoster e Registratore di domini a livello nazionale, per tutti i brand di Servizi Internet Srl di Brescia di cui e' CEO .IT. E' Docente Universitario in "Culture Digitali".
Descrive una prospettiva pragmatica in un appunto, presupposto di un libro all'indirizzo che si qualifica come preziosa risorsa nell'opportunità di coniugare l'ecosistema delle StartUp e delle PMI, per la crescita ed occupazione in Italia.

Marco Combetto

Innovation and research project manager at TasLab - Informatica Trentina Spa   |   LinkedIn

Can Help you with: Business model/proof of concept validation, evaluating the feasibility of the service/solution designed and marketed

Marco has a Master in “Computer Science” from University of Turin, and a MS in Telecom – SSGRR- COREP - Polytecnic of Turin. He worked at CSELT S.p.A in Turin, Microsoft Italy in Milan and Microsoft Research External Research Office in Cambridge (UK), before leaving for a entrepreneurship experience in Barbados (West Indies). Since 2008 he has been working for Informatica Trentina S.p.A in Trento, where he has been involved in several projects on the eGovernment, Data Linking and Social Network thematic areas, and more recently is involved in the Trentino Open Data initiative ( He is the coordinator of the “Trentino as Lab” Living Lab and he is part of the Board Council European Network of Living Lab (ENoLL).

Francesco Zagarese

Advisor, Nagima Consulenza e Formazione Srl, Torino   |   LinkedIn

Senior Advisor on value-creation techniques to apply to business strategy, finance and operations in start-up, consolidated and mature businesses.
Member of the 2013 TechPeaks selection board

Francesco Apuzzo

Business trainer and consultant at Performando   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Communication, Public Speaking, Presentations, Commitment, Motivation, Team Building, Business Ideas, How to sell, Marketing Strategies

Graduated in Economics at the University of Trento, with four years of experience in AIESEC and one year of studies in Holland. After two years as branch manager for a Spanish multinational, he has been working for twelve years as consultant and trainer for national and international manufacturing and service companies, public and private Universities. Teacher of “Sociology of Multiculturalism” at ISIT, University for Interpreters and Translators in Trento. Specialized in training courses about communication, public speaking, problem solving, team building, how to sell, train the trainer and learning styles, business organization, marketing and intercultural business. Speaker at SWTrento 2012 and Master of Ceremonies at TEDx unitn.

Pekka Abrahamsson

Full professor at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano   |   LinkedIn

Can help you with: Lean Startup, business Modeling, Rasperry Pi Hardware Projects

Working as a full professor of computer science in Free University of Bozen-Bolzano in Italy. From my professorship in University of Helsinki, Finland.
Former Chief Scientits of SINTEF. Lean Startup fan.

Ivo von Putzer Reibegg

Developer   |   LinkedIn

Ivo is a software developer and designer currently working at XPeppers.

Can help you with: Frontend and Backend Development HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ERLang, AWS

Paolo D'Incau

Developer   |   LinkedIn

Paolo is currently working as an Agile Software Developer at XPeppers in Trento. Since 2009 he is a functional programming enthusiast and blogs about the Erlang programming language.

Can help you with: Frontend and Backend Development HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ERLang, AWS, ERLang

Andrea Cappelletti

Partner in Ars Invest   |   LinkedIn

Andrea, 49, has a degree in Finance at L.Bocconi University
Is Partner of Ars Invest, the family Holding.
Is Chairman in Corehab, a startup in the collaborative rehabilitation and physiotherapy business. He is Chairman of Futur3, a leader company in Italy for free wifi, with the FreeLuna net
is Chairman of Iwim, a startup in the field of the weight in motion with a patent for a new technology. He is Ceo of Cappelletti, general contractor in office furniture, and Ceo of Harmonie Project, a leader company in Italy for libraries furnitures. He is Ceo of Habcore, a company based in Innsbruck, partner of Corehab
is Board member of Corehab Usa.
Andrea is board member in Futurcom, an advertising company based in Milan and partner of Futur3

Veronica Barchetti


Can Help you with: Strategy & Business model.

Veronica has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree in International Management at the University of Trento. She studied in Finland for one year in the ICT Department and she lived and worked in the Online Marketing field in Bigbox Red, a start-up based in Barcelona. She is part of the coaching team a TechPeaks - The People Accelerator.

Andrea Guarise

Officer at Trento Rise   |   LinkedIn

Can Help you with: web technologies, technical assessment of ideas, financing cycle for startups

Andrea Guarise holds a master degree in Telecommunication Engineering (Università di Bologna, Italy). In 2001-07 he worked as programmer, sw architect and project manager at Centro Ricerche FIAT, Trento branch. In 2007-2012 he moved to Innova Group in Rome, as consultant on R&D strategy, technology transfer and innovation. Now he is working in Trento RISE as technologist and fund raising expert.
Major expertise: telecommunications, web technologies, due diligence of business ideas in the ICT domain.

Paolo Lombardi
Francesca Rossi
Maria Acosta Voltolini
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